8 Ball Pool Challenge is an entertaining sports game. Your aim is to pocket the 8-ball after pocketing all of your group of object balls from 1 to 7 to win.

Are you a big fan of billiards? If you are fond of playing billiards, you will definitely like this game too. 8 Ball Pool Challenge is simulated based on real pool games, so it offers you a realistic experience. Select the level of the game and start the game now. The rule of this game is really simple. There are a cue ball and 15 object balls numbered from 1 to 15. You will play either solid-color balls numbered 1 through 7 or striped balls numbered 9 through 15. Your mission is to pocket all of your object balls first and then successfully shoot the 8- ball into the pocket. Aim carefully and predict where the next ball will go after the collision. Be careful! If the cue ball is pocketed, you will lose your turn and your opponent will get the ball in hand. Don’t pocket the 8-ball until the end of the match. If the 8-ball is pocketed first, you will lose immediately.

It’s time to showcase your billiards skills. Click to play 8 Ball Pool Challenge for free now!

Features of 8 Ball Pool Challenge:

  • 3 levels: Easy. Normal, and Hard
  • Excellent graphics and relaxing music

How to play

  • Use the mouse to aim and drag