Crazy Roll 3D is an entertaining game with increasing speed, your task is to control the ball to overcome all obstacles that appear on the track surface.

In the game, you can play in 2 modes 1P or 2P. In 1P mode you will play alone, your aim in this mode is to go as far as you can and get the highest score. As for the 2P mode, you can join your friends and control 2 separate balls but do it on the same keyboard. Whoever's ball falls first loses. You should remember that no matter what mode you are in, be the first to win.

Besides the diverse game modes, you need to have some attention to your move. On the way to move try to collect all diamonds. Because they can help you unlock balls that are diverse in color and speed of each ball. More than that you also have some power-ups to make the ball fly faster, while some other powers make it stronger or give it the ability to stealth or fly.


  • Explore the endless 3D game space
  • Join in 1P and 2P
  • More power for your new experience
  • Unlock new series of balls when you collect enough diamonds
  • Join the game with friends

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How to play

  • Use A/D or arrow keys to move. Use 1,2,3 to activate support power.