Cycle Extreme is a crazy, adventure racing game. Simple controls combined with thorny terrain have made the game more attractive than ever.

Join the online game Cycle Extreme with dangerous speed racing. Climb steep slopes, jump off slopes and cliffs, and traverse the desert. Brings back a slanted view and the basic mechanics never get old. Are you ready to go on the most difficult bike stunts? Despite the assets' cartoonish appearance, you can always pick out every detail. Even when redoing the levels, exploring them on a large screen is a treat. This, along with the classic gameplay, presents an intriguing contrast between classic and modern tendencies.

Tip Game
Hills, cliffs, hazards, and obstacles continuously alter the terrain and surprise you. Maintain your attention on the road ahead and don't let your guard down. To go over wide gaps, increase your speed. Slow down if you don't want to tumble over. Experiment with your approach depending on the situation until you can clear the stage.


  • Vivid, sharp graphics.
  • Explore dangerous roads.
  • Fast speed creates a strong feeling.
  • 20 levels for you to explore.
  • Difficulty increases with each level up.

How to play

  • W to speed up
  • S to stop and go in reverse
  • A/D to lean forward or backward for balance