Rocket Bot Royale is an intriguing shooting game for multiplayer. Your mission is to shoot down all your enemies and try to survive as long as possible.

By participating in this game, you have an opportunity to join in a shooting battle with many other players. In particular, you can play in 2 game modes, including playing alone and creating a team to fight. In the first mode, you match battles randomly and you have to fight as a single fighter. In contrast, in team mode, the battle consists of 2 teams, including the red and blue teams. Your mission is to kill as many opponents of the opposing team as possible in a limited time.

Let's use a tank and defeat all enemies using your weapons. Remember to collect gems and gold coins to unlock new skins. Besides that, there is a leaderboard to allow you to check your rank.

Features of Rocket Bot Royale

  • Interesting gameplay
  • Exciting shooting action game for multiplayer
  • 2 game modes, including fighting alone and fighting in a team
  • Collect gems and coins to unlock new tanks
  • The game leaderboard

How to play

  • Use "AD" or Left and Right Arrow Keys to move.
  • Click to shoot.