Sausage Run is an exciting running arcade game. Come to this game to join in thrilling races while overcoming obstacles and moving to the finish line.

In this game, your main character is a little sausage. This guy wants to overcome all challenges to improve his skills and abilities and gain rewards. Can you help him?

Your mission is to control your sausage character to overcome all obstacles and reach the destination. In order to move to the destination, you will face various challenges and threats from obstacles and traps, such as hot ovens, and water taps. If you run over an oven when it operates with smoke, you will burn and die. Or you also restart the game if you touch the water falling from water taps. There are also various deadly obstacles like hammers and guillotines. be careful.

In addition, you can unlock new skins after completing missions. You can enjoy 3 game modes in this game. Level, Race, and Survival modes are always available for you to access.

Features of Sausage Run

  • The fascinating running game for single-player
  • 3 game modes to experience
  • Unlock new skins for your character

How to play

  • Click your mouse to keep your head down.