Roll The Ball 3D 2 is an exciting running arcade game. Your mission is to slide your ball to avoid obstacles. Run as long as possible and get the highest score.

The time to run has come. If you are a fan of running games, this game is ideal for your entertainment. In this game, you will transform into a ball to participate in different challenges. The ball will run at high speed, so there is no shortage of interesting things. Besides, the obstacles are extremely diverse. You can see arched gates and giant icebergs.

How can play Roll The Ball 3D 2?

In this game, you will experience high-speed races. The obstacles come in a row. In particular, the obstacles can move. These obstacles are unpredictable. The special thing is that the farther you move, the more obstacles appear. You won't just face portals and icebergs anymore. There will be new obstacles for you to experience. Start this game now to discover new challenges.

In order to control your ball, you need to use the mouse. Slide your mouse right and left to move. Your ball will automatically move forward. You can only steer the ball sideways to avoid obstacles. Ball control is simple. However, it is challenging to overcome. It will take you quite a while to get used to the change of obstacles. What you need is time. You need time to practice.

In addition, you also need to be quick and responsive. Only so you can adapt to the change of obstacles. The further you run the higher your score.

Moreover, when you complete e level of the obstacle, you will run to an extra segment. At this ramp, you can get different rewards. You can collect the diamonds. You can also overcome the next obstacles easily. This extra ramp will help you move through the obstacles automatically. However, time is limited.

How to play

  • Slide your mouse to move.