Slice Master trains you to use a knife to perfectly slice any object. The blade just needs to lightly touch an object to smoothly cut it in half. Try the knife now!

Your goal in this game is to control the knife based on mouse clicks so that the blade touches all the objects. When all those objects are cut in half, you will be given extra points.

Objects that can and cannot be cut

The game provides a lot of objects from edible things like apples, oranges, cakes... to inedible things like cascading wooden bars. In addition to the objects that the knife can cut, there are also objects that the knife cannot cut, which are dangerous obstacles, they can be pink objects or moving pendulums. When you touch them your knife will no longer be able to move.

Place bets at the last minute

The game offers players many levels of play, at the end of each level you will find extreme excitement with another interesting bet. In the final minutes, the end of a level will have different milestones. These milestones contain addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations associated with each number. If you want to increase the score, stop the knife at addition or multiplication. If you want to keep the score, control the knife to a position that does not contain any calculations. But if unfortunately, you control the knife into the column containing division or subtraction calculations, your score will be greatly reduced. This is the most thrilling and thrilling moment when you participate in each level, bet to see if you can increase your score at the last minute!

Featured in Slice Master

When participating in the game, it is difficult for players to exit the game quickly thanks to the following outstanding features:

  • The knife's response is sharp
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Many attractive playing environments
  • Items are upgraded with each level
  • Easy controls
  • Challenge players to overcome obstacles