Going Balls is an online ball control game, your goal is to control the ball rolling as far as you can. Become the one with the highest score in this game!

A fantastic ball journey is at your disposal. You'll pick a ball to roll, get on one of the rails, and go forward as correctly as quickly as possible. The tracks are all different - some appear to be two separate lines from afar, yet the true abyss will materialize beneath your ball! This is ridiculous! Another is made of wood, which appears to be solid, but be prepared for tricks and twists! With the passage of time, the speed of your ball will alter, making the game more tough and interesting! Play like a pro!


  • Awesome sound and graphics
  • A wacky assortment of balls to play with
  • At every step, there are new and more dangerous tasks to do.

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move