Drift 3 is an amazing game where you can be a professional driver. In this game, you are not only driving the normal cars, but you also drive the unique cars.

Drift 3 will bring to you a new feeling with the incredible vehicles in the garage. In this game, you can change eight vehicles like a fire truck, ice cream truck, taxi, police car, etc to take part in the race. The race will not stop until finding the winner. Seven other players joy the race and compete with you. Let’s show your control and driving skills by getting over the struggle bends. Don’t get out the road to get your name at the top. The road is not big, so be careful with the other car hit. The map on the right corner of the screen is very useful because it helps you drive on the correct road.

Let’s click on the game and choose the suitable cars to gain the first place. Hope you have a relaxing time with the game.

Features of Drift 3

  • Many skins options
  • Racing game with endless road
  • Requires good driving and control skills

How to play

  • Click and hold the mouse to turn left or right