Drift F1 is an engaging single-player racing game. Drive your car on all F1 maps collect the most gold coins and unlock a variety of outstanding racing cars.

In this endless racing game, assert your ultimate driving skills, and don't forget to admire the endless and beautiful racing tracks. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to test drive the car that will accompany you to explore the first road frames. Driving is also not difficult, you just need to click and release to complete the initial test. Officially into the game, you will control the car through the elevated road frames with consecutive Zick Zack turns. Use your great skills to be able to precisely position the car to avoid being thrown off the track. On the way, you will encounter slopes and winding roads, and calmly hold the steering wheel to overcome those challenging roads. Control the car but also do not forget to collect gold coins along the way, they will help you unlock a lot of vehicles with many different features. Claim your best driving skills in this game now!

Game Tips
Every time the car turns around, it will slide out a distance so please position it correctly so that the car does not slide off the track. To collect the most gold coins, turn the car close to the edge of the track because gold coins are usually located on both sides of the track, not in the middle. Vehicle speed will also be increased unexpectedly, but don't worry, keeping your hands on the steering wheel and reacting a little faster is easy.

Beautiful F1 race track. The game has many levels for you to conquer. Support a mini-map to track your vehicle's moving position. Outstanding cars are waiting for you to own them. The gameplay of the game is easy just using a push of a button.

How to play

  • Left click or Spacebar or Touchscreen to turn left or right. Release to go straight.