Ball Merge 2048 is an extremely attractive ball matching game. Explore the endless track frame, collect all the balls with the same number printed on each ball.

In Ball Merge 2048, you start with ball number 2 and increase the size of your ball by multiples of that number. Collect the same numbers as your ball to get to the 2048 ball. Keep an eye out for bridges and road spikes. The levels will become more difficult as time goes on. Attempt to reach the highest point by dialing 2048.

Tip Game

  • To level up the ball, combine balls of the same number and color.
  • Be cautious of road spikes, since they can drop your ball level.
  • Spikes and balls will be present in each stage. To collect the reward, you must conquer all obstacles and cross the finish line.


  • Change the skin of your favorite ball.
  • Make hats for your ball, such as a witch hat, a Santa hat, a deer horn, an Aboriginal hat, and so on.
  • A varied game screen with a variety of terrains to test your skills.

How to play

  • Use Arrow keys or WASD or Mouse to move