Ball Fall 3D 2 is an extremely attractive entertainment game, controlling colored balls to destroy circles of the same color. Advance to the highest levels!

Allow you to relax and appreciate the sensations of breaking. To assist the colored balls strike the same color bricks and reach the bottom, press and hold the screen. Crush the bricks as you go and store the invincible energy boost to help you pass the level swiftly. Every three completed levels also include a large number of balls that may be unlocked. It's both better and more difficult! Now is the time to play and discover how many levels you can complete!

Features of the game:

  • Functionality that is simple and intuitive.
  • A game of skill.
  • A large number of levels to play.
  • Advantages.
  • A game that is centered on the concept of unity.
  • Various levels of play
  • Vivid colors and sounds

How to play

  • Space bar or Mouse button