Merge Fruit game brings you wonderful entertainment moments in the fruit world. Combine fruits according to the rules to create breakthroughs now!

The game has straightforward fruit-matching rules. The same fruits, when combined, will create new fruits. Continue to combine fruits until you can no longer combine them, then the game will end.

List of fruits available in the game:




Passion fruit







Each type of fruit will have its color and size. The fruit grafting process is also where you see the increase in quantity and size of each kind of fruit. For example, blueberries are the smallest fruit. When two blueberries are put together, they will create a tomato. Tomatoes will be larger than blueberries.

Watermelon will be the largest fruit in this fruit-matching game. When two watermelons are put together, they will disappear. You will have more space to continue grafting. The more you match fruit, the more attractive you will see the game brings. Try to match as many watermelons as possible, the more your score will increase.

Outstanding features of the game

The game has a simple gameplay and easy-to-understand fruit-matching rules suitable for all ages. The game's graphics are beautiful and user-friendly. The music is gentle, when the fruits are put together there will be a distinct sound. The interesting sounds when matching fruits will make you feel relaxed and motivate you to match more fruits and score more points.

How to play

Click on the location where you want to drop the fruit. Note that when the fruit box fills up and reaches the limit, the game will end.