Horizon 2 is an endless rolling ball control game. Circular motion tunnel with countless obstacles, control your ball go as far as you can.

Starting the game you will see an eye-catching game space. The structure of the tunnel is almost similar to the classic game Run 3. Control your ball over the obstacles spread throughout the track. Along the way, you will encounter a number of useful items lying on the way. Blue lightning will help you move faster. The more blue lightning you absorb, the faster your speed will increase. To slow down the movement speed, absorb the alarm clock, in addition, there are many useful items throughout the movement. Absorb all the objects placed on the track, but also need to be careful because these items are often placed near the obstacles, control the ball to roll flexibly to not hit the obstacles on the road.


  • Endless 3D game space.
  • Various items to upgrade the ability of the ball.
  • Exciting sound.
  • Full-screen mode for an extra endless game experience.

How to play

Use ARROW keys to move