Tower Ball 3D is an addictive exploration game, your task is to destroy the colored bricks but avoid the black bricks to continue to explore the next levels.

In Tower Ball 3D, you must shatter the colorful tiles by pushing the screen or holding down the mouse button. But be cautious! You could strike a black tile and flatten your ball if you don't stop at the correct time. If you slam into a black tile, you're out of the game! Only the acceleration boost's power will allow you to smash through these extra-tough tiles. As you progress through the game, the difficulty level rises. To break through the tower at each successive level, you'll need more expertise and faster response times. How quickly do you think you can descend?

Tower Ball 3D Online is a game in the Arcade genre. Tower Ball 3D is an html5-based game that can be played on both a PC and a mobile device. On your computer, Android devices, as well as your iPhone and iPad, you may play the game for free online.

How to play

  • Hold the mouse to break the bricks.