Curve Ball 3D is an endless online ball control game. Your goal in the game is to score the most points while progressing to different levels. Good luck!

You can only shoot single shots in the game, which allows you to take curves and get additional points while doing so. Score the most points as you go through the stages. Gamers will get a fresh experience with each level of a 3D curveball. The computer is your opponent in this game.

With each level, the computer becomes more difficult to defeat. You may even download the game and play it in full-screen mode, which allows you to focus more efficiently on the ball and allows you to score more points than other games with limited screen sizes. webpage. Both methods, the game is absolutely free. The game may appear easy, but it is the game's simplicity that makes gamers want to play it again once they've played it.

How to play

  • Use mouse to move
  • Click to hit the ball