Two Ball 3D Dark is a weight control game that rolls a ball through lots of obstacles on an endless track frame. Conquer the endless 3D game now!

If you are a person who is not afraid of heights then this game is exactly for you. In the game you will be in harmony with the sound, great 3D graphics take you to the endless high swing frames without seeing the bottom. The obstacles may not be too difficult at first, but as you go through the game, you will be required to roll past moving barriers and bounce through vast gaps. You may also activate one of three power-ups by pressing 1, 2, or 3. You can unlock additional skins and power-ups by collecting gems. Your goal is to accompany this ball as he navigates through the many stages that are loaded with hazards. There are two different game types to choose from. You may either play the one-player game to test your own abilities or play the two-player option with a friend to see who can beat your score.

The game was released on May 04, 2021, by developer RHM Interactive.


  • Attractive 3D graphics.
  • There are several levels to finish.
  • Gameplay that is both fast-paced and addicting.
  • Unlocking new skins.
  • Purchase boosters.

How to play

MOVE:  "A,D" and "Left - Right Arrows" 

You can play Two Ball 3D: Dark for 1 or 2 players!