Monkey Mart is a business game that brings you an extremely bustling entertainment space. Join the game and help Little Monkey's supermarket grow now!

Development from the first item

In the game, you will play the role of a little monkey, with the first capital you will start developing banana products. The ripe, yellow, and delicious bananas are very popular with the little monkeys who shop here. After you have earned a significant amount of money from the banana business, use that money to continue expanding your business.

Expand your business

Don't just stop selling bananas, expand your products to increase your income. You can invest in corn, milk, egg, popcorn stalls, and many other potential stalls. When you expand these stores, you have to increase the number of sales staff at the same time. Now you won't be selling directly but instead covering it all. The employees you hire are not as hardworking as you because they can fall asleep at any time. Observe and motivate employees to work so that customers do not have to wait long.

When your business is growing, you have accumulated a large amount of money so you can open more supermarkets in surrounding areas. The more supermarkets you open, the more you prove that you are a talented and admirable businessman.

Compete with other players

The game does not have a multiplayer feature, but you can still compete with other players to increase the drama in the game. You can invite other friends to join the game and see who will have the largest supermarket chain. Surely this will help you have more spirit to expand your business.

Here we suggest some more that can compete with other players such as Two Ball 3D Dark, Two Tunnel 3D, and Two Ball 3D.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the little monkey to all locations in the supermarket.