Crazy Tunnel 3D is an enjoyable 3D game that requires great control skills and flexibility. Your mission is to get over the roads full of deadly traps.

Are you crazy about the max speed? Crazy Tunnel 3D can help you experience the thrilling feeling of max speed. However, it isn’t the max speed of the car or motorbike on the normal. It is the max speed of a crazy ball which rolls on the roads of orbits. However, this ball can be destroyed anytime when it crashes the obstacles. Therefore, your task is to steer the ball to dodge the obstacles on the way. Sometimes, you need to move from one path to another path to avoid the deadly thrones. One more thing, when you complete one orbit, the new orbit will be unlocked. Let’s overcome all the obstacles to explore the other orbit styles.

Why don’t you click on the game to have a relaxing time and show your skills and flexibility?

Features of Crazy Tunnel 3D

  • Unlock the new orbit when you complete one orbit
  • Dodge all the deadly obstacles
  • Roll the ball at the max speed

How to play

  • Left and Right keys to move sideways.
  • Hold up key to jump, release up key to land.