Cuphead is an adventure game combined with run automatically to complete missions through challenging levels. Explore and conquer all levels now!

Control either Cuphead or Mugman characters to overcome dangerous obstacles and collect coins that appear on each level to open the next gate, and continue to explore new levels. Quick reflexes are an advantage for you to overcome obstacles such as sharp spikes or jumping up consecutive stairs. It seems that this is too easy, but I am sure that you will have to play it again and again.

The game has many levels for you to experience and of course, the later levels will be much more difficult than the previous ones. The more difficult the level, the more loot values ​​will increase. Levels will not be difficult for you when you have the determination to overcome them fiercely. Good luck!

The game has a combination of classic graphics and sounds to help you return to your childhood in the 1930s. Besides, there are many levels to play for you to conquer. Addictive gameplay that keeps you glued to the screen.

How to play

  • Click to jump and collect coins