Level Devil is a crazy adventure game that attracts a lot of players. Coming to the game, you will have to prepare yourself for unexpected situations.

Unforeseen pitfalls

In the game, you will control the character to go through a short path to reach the gate. Although the road is very short, so short that you can see the destination, hidden deep in this road are extremely dangerous and surprising traps. Most people will run without realizing that there is a deep hole in front of them, and you can fall into that hole at any time. These traps are really annoying because they don't stay in one position but they can move to distract you. There are many more unexpected traps waiting for you to discover.

Conquer all levels

Level Devil game offers players many new levels of play with countless new challenges. At the first level, you can immediately feel the level of deception of the game. As the levels go on, the game will open up more dangerous traps than ever. No longer holes, saw teeth will gradually appear. Participate and find out if you can overcome the jagged traps!

Graphics and sound

The game's graphic design is not too colorful, but the traps and obstacles designed in each level will not disappoint you. In addition, the game also uses vivid sounds to follow each character's running rhythm. When colliding with obstacles, these sounds are like explosions that startle you.

How to control

To control the character through traps, use the WASD keys to move or the arrow keys. Click the enter key or any key on the keyboard to play the game again.