Color Tunnel is a fun, fast-paced online game inspired by Run 3. Enter the game from a first-person perspective, traversing basements and colorful tracks.

Zoom through the colorful tunnel at top speed while avoiding hazards. The game takes you through several stages, each with unique challenges as you go! To see the position of the impending barrier and swiftly adjust your position away to escape it, you must be extremely nimble and accurate.

Tactics in the game
To travel from left to right and dodge obstacles, use the arrows or the AD keys. Keep your concentration since the obstacles move at different rates and might catch you off guard! When you reach a particular point, you'll be promoted to the next level, which will provide you with new challenges to overcome.


  • The level design is vibrant and appealing.
  • New levels offer more difficult challenges.
  • Gameplay that is both fast-paced and addicting.
  • The fundamentals are simple to learn.

How to play

  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move.