Ball Rush is a challenging ball control game with fast speed and great reflexes to get the highest score. Are you ready for this challenge? Start the game now!

Entering the game, you will see that the space is surrounded by darkness, but the highlight is a challenging neon race. Control the ball that is placed ready on the track. Control the ball left and right to not hit the obstacles erected at the edges of the road. With unprecedented speed, you need quick reflexes and flexibility to be able to pass each milestone on the road. Don't forget to collect glowing balls on the way, it will help you have more interesting experiences. With a high level of challenge, your spirit is trained to become sharper. Get your mind ready to start getting into the game right now.

Fascinating Unlock

Achieving high scores can unlock a variety of cool items, typically glossy leathers and racetrack frames filled with unique designs and colors. Experiencing a new space will surely make you excited and move towards greater goals of conquest. Claim your ball control by owning the most items in this game.


Coming to Ball Rush, you will be discovered in a wonderful lively neon space. Besides, the vibrant sound is also a motivation for you to conquer the challenging race track. Simple gameplay, easy to control. Experience suspenseful and thrilling consecutive challenges. Fast movement speed trains your reflex skills. Control the ball to go as far as possible to achieve the highest score.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to slide the ball left or right or you can use the left and right arrow keys to control the ball to avoid obstacles.