Ball Stack 3D is a running game where you have to collect balls and coins. The game requires the control skill to get over the obstacles on your way.

You love running games, but only running is too boring. Ball Stack 3D will take you into a new running game where you keep your balance on many balls to run. You need to collect as many balls as you can because the balls can help you get over the high walls. When you don’t have enough balls to be over the wall, the game will end. You will your many balls when you get over the obstacles like the wall, and lava. Therefore, the balls are very useful to finish the missions. Besides, use the springs to jump over the obstacles. Moreover, you should collect the gold coins on your way. To complete a level, you need to arrive at the finish line.

Let’s come to Ball Stack 3D to show your control skill and have a relaxing time. Good luck!

Features of Ball Stack 3D

  • The game is easy to play and control
  • 3D graphics bring amazing emotions
  • Collect the balls to get over the obstacles

How to control

  • Press and move the mouse to move left or right

How to play

  • Press and move the mouse to move left or right