BMX Kid is a driving adventure game. Come to this game to experience great races with a little boy while avoiding obstacles and collecting trophies and stars.

Control your character to overcome dangers and challenges! There are many obstacles along the way such as vehicles, planters, and large crates. Avoid colliding with them by jumping over. In particular, you can drive in vehicles such as cars and buses. Besides that, jump over the holes to drive safely. Two game modes are always available for you to experience. Race Mode allows you to experience fascinating maps at many different levels. Try to reach the destination safely and proceed to the next level. In Survival mode, you will participate in endless races to run as far as possible. Good luck!

Note that you need to collect stars and trophies. Use trophies to upgrade in the future and use collected stars to unlock new skins for your character.

Features of BNX Kid

  • Diverse game modes with Race and Survival mode
  • Collect stars and trophies to unlock new skins and upgrade
  • Various maps and terrains to explore and experience

How to play

  • Use the right arrow key to accelerate
  • Press the up arrow key to jump