Clone Ball Maze 3D is a fun puzzle game based on the movement of rolling balls on a 3D model. Let's conquer the game by overcoming all the challenges to win.

Your goal in the game is to roll at least 1 ball down the ball bin. To do that you need to pass the horizontal bars which will give you x2, x3, x5, x100 the number of balls you currently have, but you will also have to unlock them to move down the next bars and that means you will be deducted the equivalent number of balls. Therefore, be smart and flexible to put the ball in the crossbars with the highest multiplier and lowest subtraction to ensure that the ball still moves to the ball bin.

The game has many different levels of play, these levels of play will increase in difficulty. Pass all the levels to achieve the highest feat after each level. Wish you will have a great time relaxing when participating in this engaging and fascinating Clone Ball Maze 3D game.


  • 3D graphics with many creative models
  • Many levels for you to conquer
  • Enhanced computational flexibility
  • Easy controls

How to play

  • Use the mouse to drag left to tilt left
  • Use the mouse to drag to the right to tilt to the right