Coffee Stack is a 3D game to play in your free time. The game requires great control skills and agility to avoid the obstacles on the conveyor belt.

Do you want to try your control skills and agility? Coffee Stack can help you try them. In this game, you need to get away from the dangerous spikes, saw blades, knives, etc. They always appear on the conveyor belt, so you need to control the cups of coffee cleverly. Your task is to keep the cups of coffee safely until the customers hold them. You don’t need to bring the coffee to the customer for free, so let’s avoid them on the conveyor belt. Many cups of coffee at the end of the game may be useful for you to earn more money. The game has many different levels for you to show your skills and agility.

Why don’t you click on the game to have a great experience and prove your control skills and agility? Hope you can pass all the levels.

Features of Coffee Stack

  • Show your control skills and agility
  • Serve coffee to the customer
  • 3D graphics