Color Roller is a coloring game with colorful balls, your main task is to control the ball and fill all the white spaces. Discover this addictive game now!

In the game, you just need to drag the ball to move so that the ball hits the walls and creates vivid colored lines. Any corner of the architecture you touch can help you find the answer to those unpainted streets. Each architecture has its own difficulty level quickly and quickly to find the right path without having to bare except roll the ball back and forth between the spaces that have been covered with color. There are quite difficult moves that need your sharp thinking ability to apply in these cases.

Pay attention to the time to cover the color for each playing level. If you feel the game is easy but the time is worth it. Paying attention to the time it takes you to figure out how to go as fast as possible to cover the color in each structure. If the time is over, you will be able to continue until you complete the level. Are you confident enough to complete all levels in the allotted time? Join to assert yourself now!

The game has all 100 levels for you to explore and experience. The higher the level, the more difficult the game will also increase. Graphics with vibrant colors. Besides, the architecture of each level will also be a highlight because it is very diverse. This is an addictive game that you can join on all web browsers available on a PC or phone.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to drag the shadow around the structure to color all the white space inside the structure.