Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour is a running arcade game in which you control your character to reach the destination. Overcome all obstacles and collect coins.


In this game, you will transform into a Runner. You have the ability to run super top. Especially, you can dance like a ninja. Obstacles can't make it difficult for you. You can even show off amazing jumps while creating beautiful poses. No one can see your face clearly. You seem to hide in the dark and perform tasks.

Besides, the background is forests, lands, cities, and many other places. You have the opportunity to experience racing at many different locations. However, they all have one thing in common. The light and space there seemed to accentuate Runner's figure. You can clearly see the figure of the character, but of course, the face is not. The character's eyes are always shining. That shows the future direction of the character.

Your Mission:

Run and reach the ancient gate. Your task is extremely simple. However, completing it is a big challenge for many players. You need to overcome different obstacles. Jump over the lights and bars. If you collide with them, you will have to restart your previous play. In addition, there are checkpoints along the way. Reach to those locations to record your run. If you die, you will start running from the nearest checkpoint. You have two times to respawn.

Moreover, remember to collect gold coins and stars along the way. You should also run as fast as you can because the game will calculate the time you run. At the end of a level, you will see a summary table. The number of stars, the number of gold, and the time you run will be used to calculate the total score. The higher the total score, the bigger your trophy.


This game is produced and developed by PLAYTOUCH.

How to play

  • To control your character, press the arrow key to jump and press the right arrow key to move forward. Furthermore, you can also use the on-screen control keys.