G-Switch 3 is an endless runner game that dynamically switches between wall steps on the floor to get through some dangerous traps. Conquer the final destination.

Put your anti-gravity boots on and get ready for a thrilling journey. Move through the levels and try to complete them by avoiding obstacles and hopping on platforms with just one click. Throughout the levels, you will have to make very quick decisions to avoid certain deaths from falling into the void, floating in the air, or getting caught in various traps. As a player, your goal is to avoid all these situations and try to complete each level. In each level, you will pass through laser beams that act as checkpoints and you can restart from these positions after you die. Keep an eye on the track and put your hand on the anti-gravity button and start playing now!


  • You may play multiplayer with actual people or artificial intelligence.
  • Rather than switching as you hit an obstacle, try switching right before it.
  • You may play with either a mouse or a keyboard. Discover what works best for you!

How to play

  • Use mouse or keyboard to play