Halloween Ghost Balls is a thrilling and exciting multiplayer ghost control game. Explore to the last levels to unlock many exciting upgrades.

In the game, you will have to control many ghosts to go through the obstacles and find the only exit to proceed to the next level. Ghosts will be pre-determined from the very beginning. You need to increase the number of ghosts instead of decreasing them. How can ghosts increase? This is not difficult, you control the ghosts to go through the green flames. In those green flames are holding some ghosts go through and release them. Continue on the way to move you need to have the association of ghosts. Going through some sections of the road you will encounter massive buildings, passing through those works try not to separate the ghosts too far from each other because they may be scattered without being able to merge together. Besides, obstacles such as rooster or sawtooth will deplete your ghost. Lead the zombie horde to the final destination and unlock the next dramatic levels.

Unique skins in the game
Overcome many obstacles and gain many gold coins to unlock different interesting ghost characters. You can use the wheel of fortune to get more gold coins when you want to open more interesting skins.

The game has many other surprising features that underpin each level. Spooky 2D graphics set on Halloween. Discover interesting unlockable skins. Engaging easy gameplay.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control the ghosts through the turns and obstacles to get enough ghosts into the portal at the end of each level.