Holeminator is a 3D simple game where you use a hole to protect a fragile ball. Control the hole from left to right to suck all the obstacles on the way.

You are too familiar with the games where you have to control a ball to avoid every obstacle on the way. Holeminator will bring to you a new kind of game where the ball is protected by a hole. The hole will catch all the obstacles on the way to keep the ball rolling to the finish line safely. The ball is vulnerable, so you should be careful with the dangerous squares on the way. They can move which makes it difficult of sucking them. When you pass the levels, you can get some diamonds. Then, you can transfer new balls and holes with the diamonds. The game has many levels with different difficulties. Therefore, at the next levels, it will be harder to clean the way.

The ball is waiting for you to protect. Let’s use your skill to unlock all the ball and hole skins. Good luck!

Features of Holeminator

  • Unlock the skins with diamonds
  • 3D graphics
  • Use the hole to suck all the obstacles

How to play

  • Drag the mouse to control the hole