Money Rush 3D is a fun running game. You will control a girl running a long distance and collect as many coins as you can! Divide your money to become rich!

All smartphones and tablets can be used to play the HTML 5 game Money Rush 3D online. You can relax with a realistic money theme in this 3D game called Money Rush. Get rich by playing the entertaining movement game Money Rush 3D! To earn money in your game, collect as many coins as you can! Just aim and shoot everything! You crave enjoyment because your busy daily schedule makes you bored. Collect coins and use them as weapons to overcome obstacles. Let's start this fun game to feel more fun.

If you enjoy using calculating money, this money game is for you. When you throw your coins, you perform the arithmetic and decide which portal will multiply your coins and help you become an expert with money! Your coins will get bigger as you collect more of them. To receive the ultimate rich present, upgrade your coin game.

How to play

Slide to the side to move the character's running direction.