Funny Puppy Care is an interesting game where you turn into a pet shop employee. Your task is to rescue and take care of the little puppies.

Do you love the adorable little pets? Funny Puppy Cares will bring to you the cutest puppies. The puppies are hurt in an accident and get dirty, and your mission is to clean them and treat their hurt. There are four levels for you to play. In the first level, the dog is hurt and dirty. You need to take him a shower, take the broken glass from his body, apply for medicine, etc. In the second level, you need to rescue the broken leg of the puppy and be careful in jointing the bone. Moreover, you can play a mini-game on the third level. In the final level, you can dress up the puppy with many unique clothes and accessories.

Come to the game to take care of the poor puppy and have fun. You need to pass the level one by one. Good luck!

Features of Funny Puppy Care

  • Easy gameplay and simple rules
  • Fun and exciting game with 4 levels
  • The music and sound effects are fun

How to play

  • Swipe and click the mouse to move tools.