Save the Kitten is a fascinating arcade and action game. Come to this game to help a father cat rescue kittens by catching and taking them for their mother.

Children are the most precious gift in this world. You always want to cover and protect them from dangers and risks. However, because of neglect, your children have been kidnapped by the evil Tom cat who has been your family's enemy for many years. Go to his house and rescue the kittens!

Bad Tom cat will throw the kittens out the window. Your task is to use a trampoline to catch them and bring them back to their mother. This task will not be simple because there are many kittens falling at the same time. Moreover, the Tom cat even throws bombs. Use your quick reflexes to avoid dangers and save your loved ones.

You can receive one coin after rescuing successfully a kitten. Try to gain as many coins as possible. At each level, you have a limited time. pay attention!

Features of Save the Kitten

  • The exciting and fun action and adventure game
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Try to rescue as many kittens as possible

How to play

  • Use the left or right arrow key to move to two sides
  • Double press to change the direction of your character