Skates Sky Roller is a 3D game for you to entertain in your leisure time. You have to skate the cool skateboards on a narrow road to gain coins.

When you have a lot of free time and don’t know what game you should play. Skates Sky Roller is what you need. With the easy gameplay, you can pass many levels and get many skateboards. It’s an ideal game to kill time. Your mission is to skate on the difficult road with many bends and rectangles wholes. You should avoid them and go to the finish line. Besides, the more skateboards you get, the more coins you have. If you want to choose your character’s outfit and skateboards, the coins you got are useful.

Skates Sky Roller will clear your mind and help you have a relaxing time after a long day.

Features of Skates Sky Roller

  • Easy to play and control
  • Fantastic game

How to play

  • Slide to move the skateboards
  • Turn on the tutorial mode on setting