Slope Ball is a thrilling running game to participate in races with a ball. Control your ball and overcome obstacles. You win when reaching the destination.

Are you an adventure lover? Come to this game to join the exploration of the same ball. The ball lands on a planet where there are 5 mascots: T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Ferocious Bear Megatherium and Shark Megalodon. These mascots need hexagons to return to their normal state. Help the ball and conquer the challenges to complete the mission.

System of portals and Characters

Through the portals, your character can change. For example, it can turn from a Ball into a Ship. Which character it turns into depends on the portal it passes through. There are 6 different portals. The list of portals includes:

  • Shipportal (pink) spawns Ship
  • Ball portal (orange) spawns Ball
  • UFO portal (yellow orange) spawns UFO
  • Wave portal (light blue) spawns Wave
  • Robot portal (white) spawns Robot
  • Spider portal (dark purple) spawns Spider

At the end of the game screen, the summary table appears. It will include the total number of jumps in a level and the total playing time. Slope Ball includes 11 official levels.

How to play

Use the spacebar, up arrow key or left click to control the character. The characters have different ways of moving. however, the controls are still the same. bajnc needs to control his character skillfully. It is not easy to do this because there are many obstacles. You need to avoid hitting walls and obstacles. The game will restart when you collide with dangerous objects. In addition, you will get support from items. However, use the right items. There are items marked with an X. You should not use these items. Note that you can press and hold the jump button to jump continuously or levitate continuously.