Stick Hero is an exciting stickman game of Ketchapp. In this game, you have to build bridges to overcome platforms. Help the stickman get the highest score.

This Stick Hero game is an entertaining game. It asks you to guess to overcome the challenges. You will transform into a stickman. This guy always wears a red headband. Besides, the eyes are always staring ahead. He's like a ninja. It all shows his determination. The stickman is determined to cross the abyss. This is an exciting adventure. Let's accompany stick hero! Let's overcome the adventure ahead together.

About Stich Hero
Released in February 2015 by Ketchapp, this entertaining game is a free game and is available on all platforms. You can play directly on PC or mobile. In addition, downloadable versions for iOS and Android are also available.

In this game, everything depends on whether you can predict the distance between the two platforms. This is a platform-crossing game. You need to pass as many platforms as possible. Each platform will give you one point. Get the highest score possible.

Your task is to build bridges for stickman characters. This bridge connects two platforms together. The bridge is not allowed to be too short or too long. If the bridge is not the right length, you will easily fall to the bottom of the cliff. The game will end. Calculate carefully to go as far as possible! Moreover, you need to pay attention to the width of the platforms. The platform can be wide or narrow. It depends on the arrangement of the game. Narrow platforms will make the race more difficult because you don't have much space to place the bridge. You will need a lot of practice before you can master this game. Good luck!

How to play

In order to play this game, you can tap the screen or use the mouse. Press and hold the control button to create a bridge. The longer you press, the longer the bridge. Release it when you see the length of the bridge is reasonable.