Twerk Run is a running adventure game in which you need to collect burgers to increase the size of your butt to defeat an opponent at the end of the tracks.

In this game, your task is to control a fit girl to collect as many burgers as possible. Along the way, there are countless burgers and broccoli. You need to avoid eating the broccoli and try to collect the burger to increase the size of your butt. The more burger you eat, the bigger your butt will be. If you eat broccoli, you will shrink and this is not good in this game because you need to use your butt to beat your opponent at the end of the track. The bigger your butt, the greater your advantage is. At the end of the track, you may have to knock another female competitor or fight with your butt. If you go into a fight with a butt, you need to use the power of your butt to knock your opponent off the field. There is an energy bar at the top of the play screen. When this bar runs out, you lose. Let's align the strength properly with the strongest green area. Besides, you need to overcome obstacles like bridges, walls and wooden frames. Slip through wooden frames that fit your size. Balance to cross small bridges and avoid colliding with walls.

The game has easy controls. You just need to swipe your mouse to control your character. Besides, remember the interesting gameplay and eye-catching graphics, this game attracts a lot of players.

Features of Twerk Run

  • The attractive running arcade game
  • Various levels with different maps
  • Exciting gameplays and cool graphics

How to play

  • Swipe your mouse to play this game