Up And Down Colors Game is an extremely interesting entertainment game, control the color ball results to go the farthest to get the highest score in this game.

Coming to the game Up And Down Colors Game you will experience the fast speed of controlling the color ball to overcome the obstacles. Apply your quick reflexes to the game and you will find its appeal will make you play again and again. With just two joysticks Up and Down you will experience endless directions, try to collect colorful circles on the adventure to win the high title. If you bump into an obstacle, you will have to go back to the game from the beginning. Directional arrows will also help you record your movements and also the number of points at the end of each turn play.

In the game, you can choose your favorite country by clicking on the flag image before starting the game. Option to turn on or off the sound as you like. Let's start playing now!


  • Interesting, attractive colors
  • Simple gameplay
  • High speed
  • Practice reflexes

How to play

  • Click to play or use Up or Down arrows