Wings Rush Forces is a running action and adventure game for 1 player. Collect gold circles, avoid obstacles and reach the destination to complete a level.

Control your character by using arrow keys to move. Press the up arrow key to jump and press the left and right arrow keys to move sideways. You can easily control your character, so this game is suitable for all ages. Besides, you can also enjoy eye-catching graphics and amazing effects. Enjoy colourful wallpapers with beautiful scenery of nature. Explore the scenery with every step you take.

Your task is to control the blue character to reach the destination. However, you will face different challenges before you can complete the mission. Jump over deep holes. Avoid colliding with monsters. Kill monsters by jumping on them. Go through the holes as big as the available ladders. Besides, you remember to collect golden circles along the way. There are secret boxes that bring surprise gifts for you. The game has many levels with separate challenges. The higher the level, the more challenging the task you need to perform. The next level is more difficult than the previous level. Therefore, you need to be careful and draw experience when playing previous levels to be able to overcome the difficult levels later. Let's start the game and enjoy each adventure with your lovely character.

Features of Wings Rush Forces

  • Eye-catching graphics and great effects
  • Many different levels
  • Collect gold circles

How to play

  • WASD and arrows to move on the keyboard