Zik Zak is a ball control game that goes through continuous Z-shaped lines. Roll the ball the farthest and get the highest score to assert your peak skills.

Explore the endless and exhilarating ball-rolling journey now. You must act quickly and carefully in successive situations. Your dribbling can be lost with the slightest error. To change the direction of this white ball, you have to click or tap at the right time. Notice its direction will change whether you go left or right. Therefore, please control skillfully and sensitively and do not let the ball roll out of Zik Zak road. Try to survive passing small Z-frames in a row. The game ends when the ball hits the ground. Get the highest score because it proves that you have overcome a lot of difficult road frames in the game. Don't be discouraged when you lose your way, but start over from there, your skills will increase and you will surely succeed.

Game Tips
The speed of the ball is quite fast so keep the distance so that the ball redirects correctly, and avoids edges.

Experience outstanding colorful 3D graphics. Easy control is important to your ball control skills. Endless ball rolling path for you to conquer. Fascinating and addictive game.

How to play

Click to change the direction of the ball rolling.